NovoCrete is a powder mineral used as a concrete add mixture in “type 1, type 2” Portland cement. NovoCrete combined with Portland cement and optimal water increase the crystallize formations during the hydration process, resulting in higher psi strengths, neutralizes Ph levels, and providing water impermeability. NovoCrete® is an environmentally friendly mineral and is 100% recyclable.


With NovoCrete® maintenance-repair costs decrease to minimum, because it does not necessitate the maintenance. There are no potholes to fill. There is less to no cracking in the asphalt layer. As the sub-grade does not fail, higher life span will be supplied.

Infrastructures of the motorways, country roads, ancillary roads, express highways, divided highways, forest paths and agricultural roads

Infrastructures of the railways, high speed train tracks, subways, harbor and airports

Infrastructures of the dam areas and roads, slope reinforcements, depth foundations, tunnels and tunnel roads, access routes and construction site roads

Infrastructures of the heavy load motorways, wharfage premises, logistic areas, wood storage areas, heavy metal areas, grain silos, container storage points

Infrastructures of the mining facilities, garbage dumping areas, biogas plants and industrial surfaces

Infrastructures of the soil stabilization, ground improvement, landfill sites, drainage, soil embankments, slope reinforcements and wayside

Infrastructures of the natural gas lines, oil pipe lines, water channels, sewage and waste treatment plants

Infrastructures of the Sport areas, parks and gardens, footpaths, forest paths, parking and holding areas, access roads of the site areas


Untitled-2The stabilized layers have a very high load bearing capacity due to the long needle like crystals (vertical dive) that form during the hydration process. The stabilized layers generated are very high in tensile strength which allows for the absorption of vibration from heavy trucks and equipment. These layers achieve a flexibility that allows for the vibratory movement


Untitled-4 When water penetrates into the traditional layer, the compression will be corrupted. However NovoCrete® forms water impermeability endurance. Thus, there will be no intricate, pothole and groove, it is frost resistant

Untitled-5NovoCrete® can be applied to most of the soil types. Soils may include clay, sand, shale and even oil shale. Single grain sands or organic matter can be stabilized. Soils high in salt content can also be stabilized with NovoCrete®

Untitled-6NovoCrete® is an environmentally friendly product. Contaminated soils can be stabilized and utilized within the new stabilized layer.Able to reclaim roads back to native by grinding layer into soil, reshape and seed thus resulting in a more environmentally sound method than current methods. Spills have low clean up costs due to the water proof surface.


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